Friday, July 10, 2009

You've got the blues in your shoes and you stockings

Im starting a new job on Monday. I've had less than a weeks notice on this and the dress code is 'smart busniess' which is ususally code for 'black and boring'. This presents a problem, because although a large amount of my wardrobe is black, it is because I have a penchant for black heels, and most of those heels are of heights not appropriate for wearing to work unless you work in a strip joint.

But I see this job as a great opportunity to invest in a quality black pantsuit. 'Oh, and you know what would be a great idea', I thought to myself, 'I should go on and have a look at suit styles on the runway and see what kind of thing I like.' I foresaw a couple of flaws in this plan...namely that I probably can't even afford high-street "interpretations" let alone the real thing. What I did not foresee was that I was about to be completely and utterly sidetracked.

Oooooo, the pretty shoes.

In the end, the Dior shoes were definitely my favourite...lingerie inspired heels was always going to be a stretch but oh, Galliano, you are a magician. The hats were also blow-your-mind incredible and I would happily wear any one of them.

Elie Saab put all his models in the same white shoes which matched the all white (and variations on that theme) clothes...nice shoes, I won't deny, but they don't blow my mind.

Jean Paul Gaultier had a few interesting shoes, but his use of clear plastic and his invention of 'boots that are also pants' (patoots? boo-ants?) was disconcerting and detracted from what was otherwise an incredible collection.

Valentino was apparantly very inspired by Prada's fan detailing from earlier this year, and I do prefer his interpretation of it. It's definitely more wearable. Both the feathers and the fan are going to be hard for high-street stores to rip off, not that they won't have a good crack at it.

The gowns at Armani stole the show but the shoes were actually lovely up close. Usually they were obscured by gorgeous blue, black and eggshell coloured gowns dripping with beading and detailing, but here's a pair that mananged to peek out, and I must say I love the use of plastic (Gaultier take note!).

Chanel confused me. Booties and kitten heels and tiny straps that seemed more at place on a 90s runway than now. Also, do I sopt the use of a bedazzler? Okay, they are pretty, but I wouldn't even wear any of these, the stacked heel has been so firmly implanted in my subconscious.

There weren't detail shots from Lacroix and Givenchy which is probably a good thing. I love how haute couture season coincides with not having any more exams!

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