Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well you're built like a car, you got a hubcap diamond star halo

It is sunny now and I'm off to walk the dog and I wish I could just throw on denim shorts. Sadly I'm still living out of a suitcase and didn't bring my shorts with me...
Cut off shorts can be so incredibly sexy, especially in Australia where they are usually on lovely tanned legs. But when it is winter and your legs are not tanned, the solution is NOT to wear stockings under them. I have never tried this, but it seems to me like there would be all different kinds of uncomfortableness going on, and all for an effect that is entirely unappetising. And no, ripping up the stockings does not alleviate this effect. 


Laetitia Casta. I would also like a degree in Somehow Studies from the University of Nowhere, and I'd major in Perhaps. 

Tallulah Morton, by Cobrasnake

Lindsay trying to do Tallulah and failing on many many levels 

Vintage Vogue, Sea of Shoes

Freja, I think, because of the tattoos. Liking the thigh highs as well. 

Ashley. I know you are all looking at the Rodarte heels, no point lying. 

And now it's just a waiting game for summer...and one that we will inevitably win. 


  1. Lindsay may have failed terribly there, but I have to admit the red bikini she has on underneath is stunning. And I'm sure I'd enjoy it even more if she wasn't prancing around pool side in heels, spruiking her spray on tan.

  2. why would you think it is a bikini? knowing li-lo, my money is on them being undies. i actually love the shirt, it looks like silk, but no. also her nails are neon pink. no again.

  3. because i know it is. i saw photos of her, she was at her 23rd birthday there, if i'm correct. and the bikini is gorgeous. i don't even go to the beach but i'd like to have it... just in case. look for the little yesses in amongst all the giant, glaring negatives.