Friday, June 26, 2009


I won’t lie, it has been quite a while since I sewed anything. The last time I tried, I got halfway and then got bored, so now I have 10 half-bags sitting in my garage. If I’d been smart and made them one by one, I’d have 5 bags, but when it comes to sewing, I never do the smart thing. Other un-smart things featuring on this list include shortening a pattern on a dress with a tulip skirt and completely altering the pattern on a pair of pajama pants because I thought it looked weird, then not being able to fit into them.

A friend has a Hollywood themed birthday party coming up, so I decided to go for high drama and wear a floor length gown. After much deliberation I chose this Vogue pattern.

I'll be attempting the yellow one on the right. I was also captivated by this Burda pattern which has cascading layers down the back (Hello, Chanel), but it was only available in size 10 and up. Though I'll be damned if that model is a size 10. 

Burda pattern 7894

I didn’t mind the colours in Spotlight but the two that I liked the most somehow managed to give off an overwhelming ‘Year 10 formal’ vibe. Both the lilac and the peach were okay but very bright and also very synthetic looking. 

At this point I have a pattern but no material. I hope to make a mock-up out of toile and then go and get the material from Lincraft, which apparently has vastly better quality material. Currently I have in mind a light knit because I think it will hang nicely, but I will also need to find a light lining, otherwise it will be a bit poofy and nothing like the “artists impression” on the pattern cover.

And of course I’m really looking forward to trawling ebay for a vintage brooch.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome! 

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