Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Then I defy you, stars

Back in the day when the Wright Brothers were just taking off (I’m one of those people who should never make puns because they are always bad) women had special outfits just for travelling in planes. This aviatrix influence was present in the Hermes collection for Paris RTW09.

But planes are old hat now. With space tourism being discussed like it is a perfectly reasonable thing to spend $200,000 going up then coming down, I don't think it's long before the fashion industry will jump on board the space travel bandwagon.

Space suits aren't just padded white jumpsuits. They are millions of dollars worth of material, mechanics, and artificial environments. Awesome. They also look kind of silly.

The above outfit is available at The Space Store for US $1,550 and it doesn't even work, which blows my mind. But luckily, the whizz-bangs at MIT have designed a rather spiffy alternative. 

Photo: Donna Covey 

I don't think I'll be heading heaven-wards any time soon though, so I will have to satisfy myself with star inspired clothing. I've been really drawn to anything with constellations on it recently, probably because I look at Astronomy Picture of the Day every day. It's a rocket today, how apt, but usually it is incredible starscapes like this:

Photo by a talented photographer whose name I have shamefully forgotten 

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